The Laboratory of Biometrics deals with a wide range of fields of biometrics and bioinformatics. Because of the wide range of data and methods we deal with, the research topics in our laboratory are different from one another.

Here, we briefly introduce the research topics of our laboratory members. If you are interested in professors' work, please visit their own website.


Hirohisa Kishino


I want to gain a comprehensive understanding of the genetic background of diversity at the species-population-individual level. We will develop a statistical model for this purpose.

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Hiroyoshi Iwata

Associated professor

To support future global population growth, productivity must increase at an accelerated rate through genetic improvements in crops and improved cultivation techniques. In order to tackle these problems, we are conducting methodological and empirical research to extract "knowledge" from a large amount of information on crops, such as genomes, gene expression, cultivation environment data, and image data, in order to improve agricultural productivity.


Lecture materials etc.

Hiroshi Omori

Assistant professor

What are everyone's sensibilities and preferences? I am doing research to summarize individual sensitivities and preferences with collective knowledge. Advances in information technology have made it easier to conduct statistical research, which was previously costly or impossible. I want to reveal the commonality and individuality of human sensibilities and preferences.


Research Staff

Project researchers

Motoyuki Ishimori

Basic research for breeding of various crops, such as sorghum, pecan and Eustoma, is the main focus. Also, horse racing.

Mai Minamikawa

Fruit trees take many years to cross breed. In order to improve the efficiency of fruit tree breeding, we are studying breeding methods using genomic information.

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Minoru Inamori

I like to think about algorithms, and I'm working on an OSS field notebook app.

Visiting researchers

Toshio Okazaki

Jessica Tressou

Statistician, visiting researcher from the MIA Paris lab of INRA/AgroParisTech/University Paris Saclay. Research topics include spatial statistics, bayesian modelling, extreme value statistics, machine learning. Application fields include digital soil mapping, plant endemicity, food risk analysis and smart agriculture.

Administrative assistant

Mieko Sasaki

You will be assisting with administrative tasks such as accounting management.


Ph.D course students

Lisa Sakamoto

The appearance of crops (shape, color, size) is quantified using image analysis. I've recently started 3D as well.

Xin-Wei Zhao

I focus on the field that related to transcription factors. I am trying to detect the evolution of transcription factors, their effects on regulatory network, and phenotypic divergence in speciation.

Tai-Shen, CHEN

Hello, I am the international student from Taiwan. My research interest is mainly in modelling biological systems. The ongoing research is the modeling of rice heading using integrated approach.

Shiryu Kirie

I am considering how the beauty of flowers is created through breeding from the quantitative analysis of their morphology. For the material, I used the 19th century French water lily variety, which is related to Monet's painting. My website

Shoji Taniguchi

A biogeographic analysis of Japanese freshwater fishes and a time series analysis of Japanese eels. It is a trial and error process to develop new statistical methods for analysis.

Yusuke Toda

I am doing field trials of soybean and flying drones to observe the growth process of the plants. The aim is to model crop growth processes and their interaction with genes and the environment.

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Miho Maeta

I am studying the optimization of rice cultivation using drones.

Julien Diot

I work on a statistical model for phenotypic prediction and on decision support tool for breeders using AI.

Kohei Sato

I am using image analysis to obtain useful data on lignin for breeding.

Taisei Hatta

What relationship can be found between the response in the above-ground stromal area of the plant and the response in the underground roots? I am doing research using soybean omics data.

Kosuke Hamazaki

Which individuals should be selected / crossed? I'm working on the development of a framework that optimizes the behavior in the breeding scheme over a long-term selection. I also develop new methodologies for optimizing genomic selection (GS) and genome-wide association studies (GWAS).

My website My R package for haplotype-based GWAS (RAINBOWR) GitHub YouTube video

Master course students

Kousuke Ono

The problem of improving the efficiency of selective breeding using genomic information is approached from the perspective of model evaluation.

Dang Thanh Tung

I have endeavored to study and apply mathematical statistics, machine learning and deep learning to biological computation.

My website

Yuto Imachi

The goal of my research is to develop a multifaceted plant measurement method using sensor fusion. Also, I love baseball.

Mashiro Okada

The aim is to predict plant growth using field data acquired by drones and deep learning.

Kengo Sakurai

I am studying the relationship between wavelength information obtained by a multi-spectral camera and other traits of soybean.